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RussOil Heating will undertake all your plumbing needs- from hanging new radiators right up to designing and fitting a whole heating system.

Examples of our costs are shown below:

  • Replacement hot water cylinders, supplied and fitted from £320
  • Replacement immersion heaters, supplied and fitted for £65
  • Power flush £250


Power flushing

Benefits of having a power flush done:

Increased efficiency:

The more sludge that gets removed the more of an improvement in efficiency you will have in the system.

System reliability:

Clean systems break down less ,as no sludge means no blockages and less wear & tear on the parts that make up your system.

Increased system life:

Boilers, pumps,radiator valves and radiators last much longer if your system is clean.


You will save money from not having breakdowns and in the increase of efficiency in your system.

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